Foodie Friday Featuring Jade Louise Designs

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Welcome back to another Foodie Friday
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This week we’re featuring:
The main writer behind Jade Louise Designs is Amber – I say main because she has 2 contributing authors as well.  Over the past year I have really gotten to know Amber through a connection on Facebook, past liking each others fan pages. She has inspired me to be more creative and take more time with my own blog.  At one point we found we share a mutual connection through Mark’s cousin. I always love finding out just how small this world is. 
Amber is a stay at home mother, housewife, and blogger. Get to know Amber more by visiting her About page.  I chose to feature Jade Louise Designs this week because Amber put together the perfect post full of tips and even a Brine recipe for your Thanksgiving Turkey. I wanted to make sure you all had it, in case you are in charge of cooking the Turkey this year. 
Thanksgiving Turkey Tips plus Turkey Brine Recipe, How to roast a turkey and How to carve a turkey!
Anytime Amber posts a recipe, I get sucked right in! And then her photos and links to other recipes, yeah I waste a fair amount of time browsing and pinning her stuff. Things like these Mini German Pancakes, that then led me to checking out her Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa…of which I know I’ve looked at before, but it’s a chilly day here. I couldn’t resist. Someone help me, because I’m off to reacquaint myself with her homemade Belgian Hot Chocolate now too…I may not leave my kitchen this weekend!
Mini German Pancakes Recipe filled with Berry Sauce
Hot Chocolate Recipe: Peanut Butter Cup Hot Chocolate Stephen's Hot Cocoa Mix
Belgian Hot Chocolate Recipe; Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday Featuring Jade Louise Designs

  1. Thank you so much Adelina! I just have loved getting to know you this past year!

    I think I spend far too much time baking up goodies; but I can't help it with your Food Friday's I see so much I want to try and then get inspired to create new things. 🙂

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