Foodie Friday Featuring Melding Magic

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Welcome back to another Foodie Friday
I would love it if you took a moment to visit my co-host Diane at Simple Living and Eating
If you’re new to Foodie Friday, here’s the run down
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This week we’re featuring:
Kathy is the magic behind this blog. She confesses to be a recipe hoarder, with cookbooks filling ever inch of her house.  Her idea of Melding Magic came from leftovers. Since she hasn’t mastered cooking for 2 yet, they always have plenty of leftovers.  The magic comes when those flavors are allowed to sit and meld together. YUM!  She easily makes leftovers sound a bit more appealing. 
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Last week Kathy shared this beautiful Three Cheese Eggplant Parmesan with us… 
The first time I ever tried Eggplant Parmesan was after Diane posted it as a one of her Foodie Friday recipes last year. Pretty good stuff!  I can’t wait to give Kathy’s a try.

Although I personally avoid consuming alcohol, I think I can easily adapt her technique, and seasonings to create a beerless battered fish.

and finally dessert
Maple, it just goes with everything!  I’ve got plenty of pumpkin on hand too. 

11 thoughts on “Foodie Friday Featuring Melding Magic

        1. Hi Eileen it looks like Melding Magic is no longer 🙁 I will see if I can find her. Perhaps she redesigned and has not yet redirected her site.

  1. I am so honored to be featured this week! I can't thank you enough (but you do have me blushing). I love linking up to Foodie Friday and appreciate all the effort both hosts put into it. Have a wonderful weekend. I know you made mine great! Thanks again, Adelina (and Diane)!

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