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My week:
So we’ve been on Spring Break this week – I thought I would get a lot of housework done and playing with the kids – but boy have I been slacking!  It’s just been one of those crazy weeks. It started with my brother coming home from his 2 year LDS mission to Boston on Monday. We met them at the airport Monday night with lots of hugs and excitement. Tuesday I was worn out, so I don’t know what I did. Wednesday was Prince L’s birthday, so we did a lot of train playing and outside running. Today I’m at my mom’s helping her garden. We’ll have it all planned out, and maybe a few seeds planted by the time you’re reading this. Friday we’re doing a family party for Prince L. Saturday is my cousins daughters Baptism, at which I’ll be speaking – nervous! And Sunday will be spend with my family at church where my brother will be speaking on his mission experiences. It’s really a great week though! Just busy. Hope you’re all having a great week too
This weeks Feature is:

When I go to a new blog, one of the first things I love to do is learn more about the blogger. I don’t know what it was exactly, but I want to be Raia’s friend for life. We’re pretty different – I am terrified of a home birth, I don’t have any food restrictions, and I actually love to cook (it’s the cleanup I hate!) – but I think there was one thing she said that really made me want to be her friend 

“The most import thing about me? I firmly believe Jesus is the Messiah. Coming to this realization was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.”

Me too Raia! Oh and I also have 4 kids – 3 girls and a boy, so we’re kind of alike there too 😉

Raia jumps out to me as being upbeat, friendly, and loving to all. When I get that feeling after only a few seconds on a blog, I know I’m going to be sticking around – hopefully we can be friends Raia!  Most of what Raia will post is Gluten, egg, and dairy free, and a lot of it will also have chocolate.  Check out what she shared with us last week, and then remember to connect with Raia and say hi!

I am so in love with smoothies. I don’t do them terribly frequently because I hate cleaning the blender, but at least once a week I indulge
Carrot Cake Doughnuts by
Come on, you know you like moms that give into their kids on a Saturday night and make healthy-ish doughnuts for dinner!

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11 thoughts on “Foodie Friday Featuring Raia’s Recipes

  1. It sounds like you had a busy, but wonderful, week! I'm sure you'll do an amazing job speaking at the Babtism.
    Thanks for hosting another great party Adelina! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sounds like a good busy week… so wonderful that your brother is home. You'll be fine speaking just take a lot of deep breaths and don't feel the need to fill every silence. (hum, like, etc.) Raia was a great choice this week. She does so much with so many food limitations.

  3. Happy belated birthday to Prince L. Hope he has a fun party today. Good luck on your speech. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy week to host. Have a fun filled weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me, Adelina! I'm so glad you agree that Jesus is the Messiah – He is so wonderful. 🙂 I'm definitely up for being friends, too! 🙂

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