Fooled Ya! by Jordan D. Brown

2 Thumbs Up for Fooled Ya! by Jordan D. Brown.

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How do you train your brain? By learning more about it, of course. I received a copy of Fooled Ya! by Jordan D. Brown for review. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click on and make a purchase through them. 

Fooled Ya! Retrain your brain to see past illusions.

Fooled Ya! How Your Brain Gets Tricked by Optical Illusions, Magicians, Hoaxes & More

Discover the variety of ways our brains can trick us, from optical illusions to magicians’ masterful use of misdirection to strategies used by con artists. Learn why you can’t always trust your brain, so you’ll be less likely to be swindled, hoodwinked, or bamboozled. Along the way, Brian Z. Brain, an illustrated comic guide, will help explain how your mind works. 

Sections include “Can You Trust Your Brain,” “Fool the Five Sense,” “How Magicians Mess with Your Mind,” and “Learn to Be Less Gullible.” Woven throughout are various articles that present interesting stories or facts from neuroscience, psychology, and history. 

2 Thumbs Up for Fooled Ya! by Jordan D. Brown.

Fooled Ya! Review

Venice has been loving this book. I walked in the other night to do lights out and found her “writing a book report” on it. Our minds are an interesting thing. Fooled Ya! breaks it down and is an entertaining read for both the kids and adults. When talking to Venice about it, she told me “It makes my brain confused!” 

Optical illusions, ventriloquism, and magic tricks can all be confusing! A quick browse through the book myself and I’m ready to put together a science fair project with my kids based on tricking the mind. I think it’s going to be a hit! 

There’s a lot to learn from Fooled Ya! Including how to train your brain to not be fooled. However, one of Venice’s biggest take-away’s is “Our brains can sometimes be very bossy.

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5 thoughts on “Fooled Ya! by Jordan D. Brown

  1. This looks like a great book. Optical illusions have always fascinated me. There’s this TV show my husband always seems to find that shows all these different ways our brains are tricked with optical illusions. The kids find it fascinating too!

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