For Girls Like You Magazine {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

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When I was a kid, my aunt purchased a magazine subscription for me as a Christmas present. I don’t remember now what the magazine was, but I do remember how cool I felt getting this magazine every month. My sister received a subscription to American Girl Magazine, and between our two magazines we had a lot of fun time bonding as sisters.
I have avoided most magazines for my children. It seems all the ones I’ve found have very grown up material, and views against what I want my Princesses to learn. A few fun ones we have tried are LEGO magazine and National Geographic for Kids. Though those are great, they haven’t held my kids attention, or taught them anything about values and being a girl.
I’ve just recently learned about the For Girls Like You magazine, and I knew I had to try them out!  Here’s what they have to say

For Girls Like You Magazine is dedicated to exposing young girls to the things they love without the negative imagery and advertising that is often found in mainstream entertainment. Instead every article, interview, and photo we feature supports a Christ-centered value system.

As a Christian family, this is what I’ve been looking for! A magazine that goes beyond gossip, and outward beauty. For Girls Like You focuses on the value we each have as girls, and re-enforces what I’m trying to teach at home.

This is one gift I’m happy to share with my 6 year old. We’ve only had our copy for one day, and she’s hardly put them down.  
I love that they also have a For Girls Like You Journal. Although Princess V isn’t writing on her own yet, she is beginning to. We’ve decided to use her new journal to write down any new words she learns. Today, she sounded out and read the OPEN sign at the store. So as soon as we got home in her journal it went. 


Do you have a Daughter that would love this magazine?

For Girls Like You is giving away a copy in the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

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