Frequency and Quality {80 Bites Week 7}

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I know I missed the last two weeks of letting you in on my progress here. What a wonderful, but busy time of the year for everyone.
This last week especially though, I have had a different perspective on my life, and the things that truly matter. This diet plan does matter to me.
Why? Although I would love to be losing a lot of weight, what really matters to me, is being healthy. The 80 Bites plan teaches you in small steps how to eat right, and stay healthy through food.
The program started with Quantity, then moved into Frequency. I learned how to listen to my body, and stop eating when I was full. I am still working on my frequency of eating. Maintaining 4 “meals” a day – Breakfast, lunch Mid-afternoon Snack (I call this my afterschool meal with the kids), and Dinner. In between those times if I feel inclined to eat something I brush my teeth, or find something productive to do instead.

This last week started the Quality section with 80 Bites. The first week is what I have been looking forward to. A chart of how to balance my meals to get the appropriate nutrition. 
Here is my condensed version:

A handful of carrots may be healthier than a couple cookies – but it’s not balanced. Every meal should be balanced. 

80 Bites has an easy to grasp, with fun graphics, building blocks for a balanced meal.  Now every time I grab something to eat, I run through the building blocks. What am I eating? A piece of bread? Where’s my protein, veggie/fruit, and drink?  And voila, I’ve sat down to a balanced meal.

Now to figure out where my chocolate fits in…..

How Many Bites did you take?


No. Especially now that I have the tools to balance my meals, I’m feeling more empowered

Weight at beginning of diet?


159.5  Yes I am losing weight, and peopple are noticing.

Are you still motivated?
Very much so. If it hadn’t become suddenly very cold, I’d be out running even more.  As it is, I’ve recomitted to my morning crunches with an ever growing baby lying on my legs.

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