Fresh Produce and Menu Plan

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Don’t you just love fresh produce?  It is so good, as well as good for you!  We planted a garden this year, but due to unexpected job changes, we moved before we could get a full harvest. I did get a few carrots shortly before moving though. Aren’t they pretty?

Being on a tight budget, fresh produce has been pretty scarce around here. We were extremely blessed one day however. During lunch I thought to myself how I would really love to have something fresh to feed my kids. To my surprise that night a neighbor, unknowing of my earlier wishes, dropped by unannounced with a bag of peaches from her tree. She then offered for us to come pick more. I believe we were being taken care of in a time of need, and I am forever grateful this dear lady listened to the spirit and brought us those peaches. We’ve been eating yummy peaches all week, and yesterday I canned the rest. I saved the peelings to make some peach honey later this week.
We ended up with a total of 8 bottles! Yay for peaches!!!
On this weeks menu –
Monday – Pork Roast
Tuesday – Chicken Nuggets and Coleslaw
Wednesday – Chili in bread bowls
Thursday – Bacon Mac and Cheese
Friday – Sloppy joes
Saturday – leftovers

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