Fresh Smelling Laundry with Purex #Giveaway

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Can I tell you how happy this meme made me?  It was proof positive that I am not the only one who does this. Just this morning I went to start a load of laundry and found a load I had started….last Saturday…I think.

Thank goodness I had a bottle of Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze. I have found that once you leave the clothes in the wash, if you’re using a non-scented detergent the second wash won’t get all of that musky smell out.

Yep, that’s 3 day old laundry in there. It was just a load of blankets this time, but I don’t really care to cuddle up with blankets that aren’t completely fresh smelling. It just ruins the experience of a good cuddle with the kids. 
I really love how easy the Purex Crystals are to pour. The design of the bottle fits nicely into my hand, and the crystals come out gently without dumping out. I know it doesn’t matter to most, but for some reason I just really like that the measuring cup isn’t the actual lid to the crystals. There is a flip top to cover the spout, but then the measuring cup fits nicely right on top. 
The measuring cup has easy to see lines (unless of course you are trying to take a picture, than it gets a little harder to see…) that help make getting the right amount a breeze. Small, Medium and Large loads all accounted for. 
I personally stick to the small load measurement for all our laundry. I haven’t seen a difference in how fresh our clothes smell, so I like to stretch out it’s usage. I do the same with our detergent as well for skin sensitivity issues. 
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11 thoughts on “Fresh Smelling Laundry with Purex #Giveaway

  1. Yeap, I have had my share of problems, like when son left crayons in his pants pockets and hubby did not catch them until the clothes were dried, a lot of different look waxed tye dye in that batch of clothes.

    1. oh no!! We've done the crayon thing before. More recently a pen went through the wash. It exploded…but lucky for us it exploded inside itself, and didn't leak out! Talk about small miracles.

  2. We have well water…. and it isn't treated. If you leave the laundry and forget to put it in the dryer, it will smell awful. I often have to rewash. prizewinner at hotmail dot com

  3. Lipstick!! Anyone with a teenage daughter can tell you this story. Lipstick left in a pocket can and will create a horrific mess. It's bad enough when it goes through the washer, but if you don't catch it before it goes in the dryer…OMG, it still makes me shudder….

  4. Oh you're definitely not the only one who leaves wet laundry in the washer for days at a time. I don't even had kids yet and I still do it! lol That smell is the worst!! Alison @

  5. I hate doing laundry and am notorious for leaving it in too long or forgetting about a load. I'm sure my apartment bldg hates me. OOPS! Good item find, though — excited to try it!

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