Frugal Living Challenge – Days 6 & 7

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Day 6
How living frugally, and being healthy can effect each other. I’d never really looked at it this way, but after reading Andrea’s post, I agree. Keeping our body, mind and soul healthy helps us live a frugal lifestyle. As well as living frugally can help us keep our body, mind and soul healthy. I loved this quote from her blog:

When our minds are idle and disengaged we begin to seek fulfillment in external things 

How true is that! So what can we do to keep our minds from being idle? I don’t know about you, but my mind always seems to be racing from one thing to another. I’ve got lists of things I need to do in my home that are constantly running through my mind. These range from cleaning lists, to daily routines with the girls. I’m also constantly evaluating the space in my home and rearranging furniture in my mind (since my body won’t let me actually move it right now).  I could sit and dream of the things I like, purchases that might make me happy, but I’m being honest when I say I don’t. So I guess my mind isn’t very idle, and I’m happy. In general I’m a very happy, optimistic person.
It’s really funny (and sometimes frustrating), when I show Mark a craft I want to make. He looks at it, and says that’s cool. Later, I will find him browsing the internet for the same “craft”, but already made.  Yeah it would be easier to purchase it already made, but I really enjoy having something for both my mind and hands to do.  For example, later this month I’ll be making a Drum light for our new Dining Room. Not only will I have something to do that will keep my mind busy, I have also found a tutorial that will keep it at a cost cheaper than buying one brand new.  For more tips on keeping your body, mind and soul healthy while living a frugal life visit this post

Day 7
Make a plan to de-clutter.  We all have clutter, and for most of us it’s probably the clutter of stuff. Overtime we accumulate items that than get stored, put away for a rainy day, or we just bought because we like. For some of you your clutter may be in your diets, or your cyber space. Yesterday’s challenge was to make a plan to de-clutter. My clutter is found throughout my home. Especially with our Dining Room Remodel, the clutter has become more apparent recently. Here is my plan.  Once the Dining Room is finished, I will begin the de-cluttering process in the kitchen. I’ll be going through each cupboard and getting rid of anything I don’t need, or use regularly. Everything is going to be rearranged, and I hope the space we’ve added with the pantry, will allow the room to look more simple. 
From the Dining Room I’ll be moving on to the baby’s room. It’s a disaster zone. We still have 3 months before baby boy is due, and his room has become a catch all. Everything I want to get rid of, or need to go through, has been tossed in there. We’ve even shut the heater vent in that room, and kept the door closed (hey no need to heat our stuff!).  It’s a mess, and quite frankly, I feel ashamed at myself every time I walk in there with yet another item.  Most of the items in this room are my pre-pregnancy clothes, clothes that no longer fit the Princesses, boxes of things to donate, and a bunch of my sewing/craft items. When I get to this room I plan on using this brilliant idea, found through pinterest.

I love this! I mean having one place for everything that needs to leave your house, it’s just brilliant. Especially the library box!  I’m still trying to figure out a place to put in our home, but once things are a little more settled down, I’m sure I’ll find an easy place, that won’t be in the way.
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