Funniest Wedding Photo can win you a 2nd Honeymoon!

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Ah yes, I just love this photo of the ONE bite of food I had the day of my wedding. Well, almost one bite. I mean seriously Mark, you never ate like that while we were dating, what gives?
I’m thinking of entering this into the Modern Greeting 2nd Honeymoon Giveaway.
Yep, that’s right, Modern Greetings is GIVING AWAY not 1 but 4 2nd Honeymoons!
There will be 4 rounds you can enter into. The first of which, has actually already started. It’s the Funniest Wedding Photo round. You go HERE, enter your email, and then you’ll be redirected to Modern Greetings Facbook page. There you will enter your photo. Then get all your friends and family, and their friends to vote for your photo. The photo with the most votes wins!  So simple.

I would so very much love this! We had an ok honeymoon. We roadtripped from utah to vegas and then to the nations capital and back home. Some nights were spent sleeping in the car. On top of that though I had an ….. well…feminine problem…. that I had never had before. With no insurance and no idea what was going on with me, we had quite the interesting honeymoon. I’d love a do-over.

Again, you could win a 2nd Honeymoon to the Destination of your choice (up to $3000). You can enter all 4 rounds, but only win once. 

I just hope you all have a sense of humor and got some funny shots from your wedding.
What do you think?  Maybe I should enter this one instead
awe, it’s a good thing I love this man. No worries, he went first, so I made sure to shove some cake up his nose. That pic just isn’t nearly as funny.
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