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I’ve seen that some of my friends, the lucky ones in warm climates, have begun their gardening. Since I don’t live in a very warm climate, and we had a late winter this year, I’ve resorted to just planning and dreaming about our garden this spring. I’ve got the space marked out I want to use, plans for Mark to build some raised square foot beds, and the veggies I want to grow.
What I really want though is to be able to save more money, and waste less inside our home to help our garden grow. I’ve been thinking a lot about composting. I remember growing up my mom kept an old ice cream bucket under the sink where we scraped our plates. When it would get full we had to haul it out into the woods to out compost area. Besides being pretty stinky, it was so fun to see different things start sprouting in the compost from thrown out seeds – watermelon, cucumbers, and more. We periodically would catch a glimpse of some white tailed deer hanging out near the pile as well.

The problem I’ve run into is that I no longer live in the middle of the woods. I’ve got neighbors that probably wouldn’t appreciate the stench from an outside compost dump. So I’m trying to find any laws, and ways I can successfully compost with neighbors. So far I’ve had no luck.  I did however find this CUTE compost bucket though

You can purchase this particular compost bucket at The Foundary on sale through tomorrow. It’s 1.5 gallon square ceramic. It comes with charcoal filters, which I am assuming help with the smell.

If you have any tips for composting please share!

I’ve also come across this brilliant idea to recycle rain water.

Why let all that rain go to waste, when I can save our water bill by using the rain to water my garden? Really it’s brilliant! 
As much as I do love the winter, I’m ready for spring and gardening!

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  1. Love the rain water thing. My family composts and it doesn't have to be smelly, we use regular plastic garbage cans to compost in. When it gets closer to the Spring I will do a post about simple composting.

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