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I came across I am a Reader, Not a Writers meme today, and decided I’d love to let my readers get to know me better!  Each thursday she picks 5 questions off her author interview list to answer.
And with that, here are today’s questions
If you could meet one person who has died, who would it be?
-I would want to meet anyone of my ancestors. More specifically either of my grandfathers since I never got to meet them.  I feel I have a connection to them, yet I know almost nothing about them. For some reason stories about my grandparents weren’t shared very much, and I’m beginning to want to know more about them.
Chocolate or Vanilla?
-Twist! if it’s available in twist I like them both. If I MUST choose one or the other though, I would have to go with chocolate. It’s a good mood lifter.
What do you do in your free time?
-What’s that? No, in reality, something I’ve come to learn is that I must give myself free time in order to keep up with the kids, and house without feeling overwhelmed and crashing. Blogging (writing, and reading others) has become my favorite free time activity of late. I also enjoy sewing and reading a good book too though.
What movie are you looking forward to this year?
-Twilight.  Who knew right? In all honesty I’m not one of those crazed Twilight fans, but I am going to the midnight premiere with my sister in law who is probably my best friend ever! So I’m looking more forward to acting like a teenager again by staying up all night, and hanging out with fun people than the actual movie.
Spontaneity or planning ahead?
-A little of both is more my personality. I love having a plan, but mostly I will just go with the flow. I can easily adjust to things not happening as planned.
This is a blog hop! So head on over to I am a Reader not a Writer and link up your answers. Or I’d just love to know more about you in the comments!

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