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Get to Know me better is a meme hosted by Kathy at I am a Reader Not a Writer.
This weeks questions are:
1. Pet Peeves?  Shoes, socks, coats. I  hate them laying all over the house. There are places for these things to go, and I’ve tried hard to make them easily accessible for all! I should not be tripping over 5 pairs of shoes every day.
2. Give us a glimpse into a typical day in your day starting when you wake up till you lie down again.
You really want to know? Ok! None of my days are the same, really I have a different schedule each day of the week, and it’s crazy!! So my most typical day goes as follows – 6am wake up. Read scriptures and Happy On Purpose.  Eat a little breakfast, or start making the kids breakfast. Browse online, check emails, etc, while kids eat and get dressed. 9am princess C’s preschool. 11am get home do some dishes and start on lunch to eat around 12. Eat lunch, have kids do chores like clean their room, and take Princess V to preschool at 1:30pm. Naptime/quiet time for Princess C and Princess R. I read or browse online some more, maybe do laundry or more dishes. Pick Princess V up at 3:30. Check menu plan and start on dinner, while doing more dishes. Eat at 5pm. Relax with the kids. Although during December after dinner each night we have an advent activity.  Kids in bed at 8pm, Mark or I (Mark more lately) read to them until they fall asleep. I hold Princess R until she falls asleep. Mark and I get time together finally, and watch any of the following shows – Psych, Bones, House, or Vampire Diaries. Hopefully we’re in bed before 11pm. Depending on how tired, I will read a little more from one of the many books I’m reading, until I fall asleep and start the cycle again.
3. Pizza or Pasta? definitely pizza. I’m not a huge pasta fan.
4. Finish the sentence – one book I wish I had written is…..  LOL! None. I much prefer reading books, because there are so many more creative people out there than me, that can really weave a story and develop the characters.
5. Favorite sport? Now that’s a hard one.  I really like a lot of sports, although I much prefer playing them. Baseball is probably on the top, then football, then basketball for playing. The only sport I really enjoy just watching is Hockey, and I do enjoy watching Hockey!

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