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I had a bit of a downer week (just look back through some posts and you’ll see the mess).  I feel much more relaxed now, and have begun some exciting and fun stuff!
See this basket? Nice right? We got this basket for our wedding, and we loved it. The problem was we rarely went on picnics that weren’t in the backyard, and so for 6 years it has been more a storage basket.

I have reclaimed the basket now for shoes! The front handle/latch was only attached by twist ties, so that was easily removed. The lid was a bit more tricky, and I ended up just ripping gently pulling it off the wire that had it attached.  This is what I now have!
The perfect size for the Princesses shoes.  The plan is to put all the shoes in this basket as they come inside. Every Saturday we will clean out the basket, taking all but the Sunday Shoes down to their bedroom.  My next step is a towel, or some sort of mat to go underneath to catch any mud/snow.
A new home for the basket and shoes!
Mark walked in just as the lid came off and exclaimed “That was our Wedding Basket!”. 
To which I responded “Yes dear, but we never used it except for storage, and now it is being used and looks nice” (or something along those lines, I may have rambled on more to him).
He then proceeded to try and throw the lid away.  “NOOOOO! I’m going to use that” to which I was given a funny look like I had lost it.
See! Once I removed the lid handles (also attached by twist ties) it became a perfect magazine and book holder. I debated hot gluing the handles to the edges to make a sort of serving tray, but they are curved just a little too much.
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4 thoughts on “Get Your Craft On!

  1. I love how you repurposed that basket! That's awesome to be able to find better and more effective uses of things instead of just hoarding clutter. Excellent ideas! 🙂

  2. and the wedding basket lives on…. 🙂

    Boy am I glad you got married after we did so we could pass it on to you – I can guarantee I wouldn't have thought to do that!

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