Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Get into the holiday spirit with Goldfish crackers. ad

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November is coming to a close and that means homes around the country are decorating with lights, tinsel, and oversized blow-up lawn ornaments. This is how we get into the holiday spirit around here.

Get into the holiday spirit with Goldfish crackers. ad

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The day after Thanksgiving is generally our day to decorate. We fill the house with music, I pull our snacks, and Christmas comes out. 

In a perfect world, we would head to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. This is not a perfect world, though, and so we opt for our 6ft fake tree. The kids have a blast pulling out the branches and fluffing it until it looks real. 

Mark tests the lights, and then on the tree and outdoors they go. 

Getting into the Holiday Spirit is easy with Pepperidge Farm. ad Once all the lights are up, I pull out our box of eclectic ornaments. The majority of them are the same ones I had as a kid. Slowly the kids are adding to the collection with their own ornaments. They take turns picking their favorites, and gently – or so I pretend – placing them on the tree. 

Getting into the holiday spirit with family by your side. ad

Finally at the bottom of our Holiday box are my favorite part of the season – the Christmas books. From fun picture books about penguins sliding on ice to an advent story of the birth of Christ, we have plenty to read over the next month. 

Once the last of the decorations are out, we gather around Dad as he reads our first Christmas story. The kids are still snacking on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and relaxing by the light of the tree.

Goldfish crackers help families get in the holiday spirit. ad I noticed as I opened both a bag of original Goldfish and Goldfish colors that the natural colors fit right into the holiday spirit with their festive greens and reds. I smiled a little smile, as I set the unintentionally festive snack out. No extra work and a treat the kids’ love left our day of decorating this year in the simplest of forms. 

Getting into the holiday spirit doesn’t have to be a huge affair. Simply watching the kids’ eyes sparkle as each part of our Christmas decorations came out of their dusty box, was enough to bring the holiday spirit into our home. 

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