Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Pasta: Review and Giveaway

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We had the opportunity to review Green Giants Valley Fresh Steamers with Pasta.  I chose the Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli. The Princesses love macaroni and cheese, so I knew they’d enjoy this. Whether they would eat the broccoli or not, I wasn’t sure.
Princess V said she liked the pasts but didn’t like broccoli. I think it was more a general statement from her, because I’m not sure she even tried the broccoli. She did tell me she likes carrots though, so next time maybe I’ll mix some carrots in hers.
Princess C loved every last bite of it, and even asked if she could eat the rest of Princess V’s. 
Princess R, will eat just about anything, but she too, didn’t eat her broccoli. She did at least try it. I think maybe the broccoli was still a little too hot for her though. 
My personal opinion, it was very good. the packages don’t contain very much though, and it would definitely be better as a side instead of a meal (I served it for lunch), or as a meal for one. I would love to see these come in larger family packs.  The ease of putting the bag in the microwave and then serving, really made lunch smooth for us. Princess C has morning preschool and Princess V has afternoon preschool, and lunch can be quite a hassle sometimes. Having the Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Pasta to serve really helped to save time in our rushed schedules.
I received a serving bowl, fun surprise face spoon, two Green Giant Placemats, a broccoli stress reliever and a coupon for a free Steamers! Now one of you will have the chance to receive the same package!!
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11 thoughts on “Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Pasta: Review and Giveaway

  1. same as what everyone else is saying, throw some cheese on it and i can get anyone to eat them!
    daniellex at gmail dot com

  2. We have an anomaly in our house- since Dad grew a vegetable garden with him when he was younger he's pretty good about eating veggies, we just add a little salt.

    phillips_lauren2010 at comcast dot net

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