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De-Junk Your

So you’re finally deciding to take
stock of your household objects and see just what you need to keep around and
what to get rid of? This can be a quite daunting task, but don’t fret! By using
a few simple tips you can make the process of evaluating your household objects
and deciding what to do with them quick and painless.

The first step is to take an inventory of what you’ve actually got. Go through
your house (yes, even the boxes stacked in the corner of your basement) and
make a note of every item you find that you could conceivably get rid of. If
the idea of living without the item even crosses your mind, write it down; you
will make the final decisions later.

Once you’ve got your list, it’s time for the hard part. Go down the list and
take a good hard look at each entry. How old is the item, and how often has it
been used? If it’s something that you haven’t even thought about for five
years, you’re looking at a great opportunity to simplify your life by getting
rid of it. If the object has significant sentimental value and you can’t even
bear to imagine losing it, go ahead and keep it around. Be careful not to use
this excuse lightly, though.

If the item in question is something that is only used occasionally such as
seasonal decorations or clothing, consider placing it in storage. This way you
remove it as clutter from your household while still having full access to it
when the appropriate time comes.

Now that you’ve got a trimmed down list of what you’re considering getting rid
of, it’s time to decide just what to do with all of it. For items such as old
clothing, bedding and toys, donating to a local or national charity is always
an attractive option; the items will be put to good use, and you can usually
write the donation off on your taxes. Items that have retained value such as
furniture and electronics, do some research to find out a fair price and put it
up for sale. There’s no better feeling than reducing clutter and earning money
while doing it! And if it’s truly trash, just throw it out; you won’t miss it.

With these simple tips, it’s easy to reduce clutter in your house and simplify
your life. You may even make a few extra bucks, to boot!

Casey Haslem is a writer and paints in her spare time. She
writes often about storage and organization. If you’re in need of help with
storage, contact
Sam Dimas
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