Hair Springs – a new Hair Accessory and a #giveaway

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In an effort to be more present in my children’s daily lives, I’ve taken to doing their hair more often. I have some fun memories of my own mom brushing out my hair, and putting it in curlers at night. I remember complaining that the curlers hurt every time, but loving the outcome the next morning.
Then there was one summer we spent at my aunt’s and I recall how fun it was to sit with my cousins in their mom’s bathroom while she put pretty ribbons in our hair.

Over the weekend I decided to try out a new product called Hair Springs that I thought the girls would really enjoy. These are fun little springs with colored beads in the end. They are both functional and cute – just what every little girl and mom wants!

My girls all have very different types of hair, so we did a bit of a test to see how well and in what ways the Hair Springs would work best for each of them.

  1. Princess V has some thick, but beautifully straight hair. She doesn’t like to do a lot of fancy things with her hair, so we do a lot of ponytails. With her thick hair, it often leaves weird little bubbles of hair on the top of her head. Our hope was the hairsprings would help tame the hair bubbles, while giving her a simple colorful addition to her ponytail.
    As you can tell the Hair Springs helped pull the bubbles back so the front of her hair was more smooth. Success!
  2. For Princess C we weren’t sure the Hair Springs would do much. Her hair is much more thin, though she has a lot of it. She is my flip flop child – some days it needs to be fancy, and others she wants it simple. So we tried these out with some pig tails. It’s a fun hair do that really matches her personality! The Hair Springs seemed like they might not stick in her thin hair, but they did. 
  3. Princess R now – well she is a riot. She cut her hair once…or maybe even multiple times, I’m losing track at this point with the many hair and scissor incidents we’ve had. She always wants something really fancy, but until just recently her hair has been too short. I decided for her hair the Hair Springs were going to work better as decoration then functional. I’ve seen a couple different crown type styles lately, and decided to see if I could recreate one without using a tutorial (because that’s just how I roll). Oh my word, her crown turned out so perfect, and the Hair Springs added a nice touch to look like jewels on the crown. 
One thing you should know about the Hair Springs is that they can easily get stuck in the hair. I probably won’t use these on a day where I know the kids are going to be extremely active. However, for days like church, these are going to be a nice addition to our hair accessories. 

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5 thoughts on “Hair Springs – a new Hair Accessory and a #giveaway

  1. My daughter is just like me… never wanted anyone to touch her hair… I ran around looking like a Wild Thing… so wonderful that your girls are into you doing their hair. Cool product… really neat styling ideas.

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