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What was your most Memorable Halloween Costume as a Child?
Before I jump into todays topic, I just want to give a Birthday Shout Out to Eschelle, blogger at Mumfection. I have loved getting to know this Canadian blogger. We bounce ideas off each other, and she has given me a lot of support here at Home Maid Simple. So please, go check her out, and tell her Happy Birthday!
I’ll be honest, I can think of many “memorable” costumes for me. I tried to think outside the box.  Most years as a young child I was a witch. Princess C is taking over that for me this year.
I’m really at a toss up for my most memorable costume. We did a lot of home made, what we could find around the house costumes. I remember one year in middle school, my aunt made a packet of pea seeds (or possible green beans). It was basically a large bag with head and arm holes cut out, and then painted to look like the front of a seed packet.
Another year, and one of the only times I remember trick or treating, my BFF and I dressed up as housewifes. We wore old jeans, t-shirts, aprons, and a bandana over our hair. Truth be told….now that I am a house wife, I tend to look like that a lot minus the bandana. Maybe it’s time to pull out my bandana’s again! I’ve still got my Red Hot Chili Pepper bandana, complete with beaded ends!
Though both of those are pretty memorable in my mind, I think my most memorable costume, was my completely crazy out of the box idea. I went as a shower.
Yes, a shower, or possibly a person taking a shower. It was pretty simple really. We bought a hula hoop (or maybe we cut mine down smaller), attached a shower curtain. Then I believe through the use of a hat and hangers, got it to balance on my head, with me inside. Thus a shower.
Seriously, I don’t know what I was thinking. I probably got a whole lot of weird looks as people asked me what I was. I guess I could have made it more scary if I added the shadow of a hand holding a knife to it. That may have been a more brilliant idea, but nope. Just me, inside a shower, getting strange looks. 
Thinking about it now, and I’m reminded of the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Yep that was me, but behind a shower curtain, and minus the braces.
Blair Dunlop jouant Willy Wonka enfant dans «CHARLIE ET LA CHOCOLATERIE»

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