Hanging Pictures

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We still have a few more to hang, and some to figure out where to hang, but this is what we have so far!
This wall I just finished this morning.  Mark got The Family: A Proclamation to the World hung shortly after we moved in.  I got the Japanese symbols for Christmas, and have been waiting until we had a house to hang them.  So today I went searching for the perfect place.  I had a different spot in mind, but when I went to grab these plaques, this spot just stuck out.  I knew it was where they were going.  I found Mark’s measuring tape, grabbed a pen, and did some measuring, marking and hammering.  I really like the way it looks, and the peace it gives to the front room.  Here’s a wider view of the wall it’s on
They are directly across from the couch.  
This next picture wall is in the Family Room.  The whole wall isn’t complete yet, but it is with pictures.  
I’m planning a vinyl saying above the whole collaboration.  Something like “Families Are Forever”.  Then on either side, we have these little black shelves will be adding.  I still don’t know what we’ll put on the shelves, but I’ve got plenty I could change out with the seasons.  I also love that as we have more children (because we are planning on more) we will easily be able to add them in an effective manner.  Oh, and I really need to update the girls pictures, they are all a year, or more, old.

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