Happy Healthy Baby Happi Tummi {Review and Giveaway}

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I love babies! If it wasn’t obvious by the fact I’ve had 4 in 6 years, I don’t know how to make it more obvious. I just love their little baby smiles. Their pure innocence, as they snuggle into you. I just love it.
Prince L is 3 months old today! Can you believe it? The time went by so fast!!  Since day 1 Lincoln suffered with acid reflux. After dealing with it in 2 of the other 3 kids, I was able to get a handle on it pretty quickly this time around.
– stuff some blankets under one side of the mattress to create a slight incline.
– After feeding, sit them up long enough to get bubbles out, and let the milk settle down.
– Lots of snuggling.
Prince L still spits up a pretty fair amount, but he sleeps on a flat mattress now, and enjoys his meals. He lets me know when he needs to burp (seriously I have one amazing 3 month old!), and so I can help settle his stomach before he over feeds and spits it all up.

Although Prince L is really one of the calmest, happiest, easiest babies I have ever had, he still has his moments. Sometimes I just don’t know what’s wrong. He’s eaten, burped, had his diaper changed, and napped. Yet he is still crying and just unhappy. My arms and legs (because he loves to bounce!) can only take so much. I’ve slowly been introduced to essential oils, and natural remedies. I really like the idea.  Our favorite so far has been Lavender.

Earlier this week we tried out the Happi Tummi.  It is this really soft wrap that goes around your babies tummy. On the front is a small pouch that holds an herbal pouch.  You heat the herbal pouch in the microwave for a few seconds, and then tuck it inside the wasitband. Your baby gets a warm tummy with the calming scent from the herbs.  Guess what?  The herbal pouch contains lavender! Even if it doesn’t work to calm your baby right away, having the scent of lavender fill your nose while you comfort your little one, is just as relaxing. When you relax, your baby will take cues from you and relax as well.

Awe, sad baby! Let’s try the Happi Tummi!

After a few mintes with the Happi Tummi, calmness is achieved!
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