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Happy on Purpose: Daily Messages of empowerment and joy for Women

Author: Diana Fletcher
About the Book and Author: Diana Fletcher is a Life Coach specializing in Stress Reducing Strategies. In her book Happy on Purpose each page is dedicated to a thought followed by a Happy Action.  You can learn more about Diana and her book by visiting her website.
My Thoughts: I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Happy on Purpose.  I am generally a happy person, but I do have my off days.  By reading one though and Happy Action each day it has really been able to put some things in my life in perspective.  I decided to really put this book to the test. Each day I read a little, I tried to write down my own personal thoughts in a journal. Things I felt I should change, do better, or just ways to be more happy.  I feel I’ve been a happier person just through reading Happy on Purpose and putting some of the Happy Actions into play.
Book excerpt: 

“March 7th – Just Because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  Happy Action – Don’t do everything you can, just because you can. Some things are just NOT good for you. Take control and make the best choice for your future happiness and good health”  

My thoughts on the above – just because I can afford the stuff at a yard sale, doesn’t mean I should buy it. The clutter in my home, does not need more added to it and will only detract from my happiness.

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  1. What makes me happy…oh, so much! The love of my Jesus, my husband and my children makes me incredibly happy. Being home, baking, hanging out laundry and homeschooling also makes me happy!

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