What Makes You Happy

What makes you Happy?

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When you are having a rough time, it’s nice to remember the things that make you happy. Some call it the silver lining, some call it attitude, or even therapy. I call it good for the soul.

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I had a pretty rough night last night. Mark was so kind and let me sleep in. After finally waking up, and taking a shower, I started to think about all the things I love that make me happy. Here is a short list for you.
Cute Kids Clothing – and the kids wearing them of course. When kids are little, getting to pick out their clothes, and make sure they match is so fun. I especially love little boys clothes.
Reading makes me Happy.
Reading good books – like The Dressmaker of Khair Khana. It’s a fantastic read and insight into women in the middle east. Currently I have a running list on my phone of books recommended by family and friends, or that catch my eye in the bookstore. You can never have too many books to read.
Find happiness with the Happify Community
The Happify Community. What a difference they are making in individual lives as we come together on their social platform. If you’re looking for a way to find more focused happiness in your life, definitely give them a try.
Good Food. Grab lots of delicious recipes right here! It seems everything can be fixed with a balanced diet, and a treat here and there, well it brings a smile to everyone’s face.
Blogging – and my new Business Cards. I loved how easy these were to create at Modern Greetings, and when I realized I messed up a quick email and call got the order fixed before printing! Great companies who work for the customer are the best.
Time with Daddy – but especially watching the kids spend time with Daddy. Nothing makes the joy in my heart swell more than seeing Dad on the floor playing with the kids, and their squeals of delight filling our home.

What Makes YOU Happy?

4 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy

    1. Thanks Diane. Unfortunately something is up with Lincoln. He's waking up 3-5 times a night, and doesn't want his bottle. Sometimes I have to nurse again (though we're trying hard to wean, it's just easier sometimes!), sometimes we just take laps around the house cuddled in a blanket, and other times we sit and cry together, lol. I think he's just teething again, but I can't be sure.

  1. Awww, things that make you happy are always good to think about! These are many of the same things that make me happy to!! 🙂 Sorry to hear about your rough night :S Both of my kids were terrible sleepers too for a long while, but they both sleep through MY night now–so everyone is much happier these days! 😉

    1. We've had our different sleep stages for sure, but as babies, none of my kids have been particularly good sleepers (I had one go through an insomnia period….) I think Prince L must be teething, but he seems to be doing better now. Usually 1 nightly waking, and he goes right back down once I adjust his bottle and blanket.

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