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I just have to share this video with you all. It brought back a lot of memories of my childhood before making me realize just how different the world has become for our children.

Staggering, isn’t it? I remember going out and running through our wooded backyard without a care in the world. I often went outside without shoes on, and it was OK!  
What really got me thinking, though, and really re-evaluating the everyday products I buy and use in our home was this next stat –

In the European Union 1,328 chemicals have been banned from use in personal care items. Only 11 have been banned OR restricted in the US.

Isn’t that crazy?  At first you might think, those Europeans just like to restrict things, they’re overly cautious. But really let’s think about it. Surely with a 1,317 difference, there’s got to be some more substance to it.

I know I’ve shared multiple “green” cleaning products with you in the past, but truth be told, my absolute favorite cleaner is Hot Soapy water. I find it just does the best job, and it truly is the safest to use around the kids.

I found a few more of these studies to be quite interesting and thought you’d like to look over them yourselves –

  • In a study of 10 minority newborns, more than 232 chemicals were found in the umbilical cords! Did you get that? Our babies are being exposed to hundreds of chemicals before they’re even out of the womb. Scary
  • In a study of 10 children’s face paints, all 10 tested positive for lead. Hello! You have to sign forms when buying an old house to make sure you’re aware that lead could be in the walls, but hey, let’s go paint some lead on our kids face. Sounds about right to me.
  • Studies have found flame retardant, Bisphenol-A, and other environmental chemicals in breast milk  Great, breast is best right? but how much are we losing that with the addition of chemicals into our lives. 
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled children’s toys and jewelry for high lead content. Shouldn’t we test this before we buy it? Before we expose our family to potentially dangerous chemicals?
Knowledge is power right? I hope that this knowledge will inspire you to take action as well. 
These are some great things you can do in your home, but if you’d like to get involved on a larger scale, I encourage you to reach out to your local Senators and urge them to pass the Chemical Safety Improvement Act.
Did you know that the law regulating chemical use in our everyday products has not been updated in over 35 years?!  Seriously, I think that’s a bit long. We live in a constantly changing, and growing world, not to look at something so crucial as the way we use chemicals. 
You can follow this link for more information on this Act and how to contact your state Senator. 

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