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Since Princess V started kindergarten this year I’ve tried to be the cool mom that always has a snack ready when she gets home. Princess V always seem to be hungry right after school, and really I don’t blame her. They start at 12, which means we had to change our normal lunch time to 10:30 (slow eaters anyone, anyone?).
So when 3 o’clock rolls around she is hungry.

My biggest problem with having a snack ready for her, is that I’m often crunched on time. I still have 3 kids at home to take care of, the house work, and often I try to run my errands during this time. And who wouldn’t, 1 less kid makes errands so much easier!

I remember my mom always having a plate of cookies, or our own ball of bread dough to shape and bake, or veggie trays, and crackers and cheese. Admittedly most of these are pretty easy and quick to throw together, so I don’t know why I don’t do it more. Some days I get it right , and other days it’s a work in progress.

My favorite snack for the kids, however, is fresh fruit! I like to keep a bowl of bananas and apples on the table. My 2 year old is a fruit snatcher though, which means often our after school snack isn’t there, and I’ve realized too late to make anything else, let alone make it healthy.

So I’ve started keeping ready made snacks like SunRype on hand. I love that SunRype is 100% Fruit, with no added sugars. They have a pretty strong sweet/tart flavor from the natural sugars in the fruit that is a bit hard to get use to. Princess R absolutely loves these bars, and they’ve helped keep her out of the fruit bowl some days.

Wednesdays the kids are especially grateful for these healthy fruit snacks as we pick Princess V up and head straight to dance. We get home just in time to get dinner on the table, so snacks at that point are out of the question. I’ve taken to dropping a few of the SunRype Fruit Strips – by far the kids favorite SunRype product – into my purse before heading out the door. It keeps the kids satisfied while I get to reap the benefits of sneaking something healthy into their hands.

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*This is a sponsored post on behalf of SheSpeaks and SunRype. I received free product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Hi Adelina, Thanks for sharing about Sunrype. I think my kids would like these, too. And it seems like a healthy after school snack that won't spoil dinner.

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