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Earth day is coming up April 22nd! It’s one of my favorite non-holiday holidays to celebrate. Perhaps because I have fond memories of picking trash up around our neighborhood with my mom, and piling it in our driveway to see how much we collected. My kids and I now enjoy finding ways to upcycle our otherwise garbage, like we did with these go-paks. They love their Upcycled Garden Center. 

It was one of those days that was just perfect. We had friends over, it was sunny, and we were doing something good for mother Earth. My family was never big on recycling, probably because there wasn’t a service to pick it up for us like the trash, but we did do our best to keep the earth clean and healthy. 

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Learning how to garden has had so much meaning in my life, and something I’ve been excited to share with my children. My kids LOVE these Go-Paks! of cookies, so I’ll periodically buy them as a special treat. The last time we got them, I looked at those empty containers and thought – gosh those would make great window planters!

Aren’t they so cute? Last year I let the girls plant some flowers in milk jugs, so this year I let them branch out and pick some herbs if they wanted. I thought it would be a great lesson in sustainability as well.  We’ve got 1 cup with basil, 1 with spearmint, and 2 with Marigolds. The kids have been checking every morning and after school to see if anything has sprouted yet. Definitely an experience they will always remember.

When you look hard enough, it’s actually easy to find ways to recycle, upcycle, and live a more sustainable life. I love visiting the Healthy Essentials Website, because other than savings they’ve also got so many tips and knowledge on how to live a Healthy Life while also keeping our Earth Healthy. 
Watch this video to see how Johnson & Johnson employees feel about sustainability. I just love this company!
Don’t forget to also check out the Healthy Essentials website for some amazing deals on products that are also Earth friendly. 

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