Heroes at Home

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I’ve been noticing a recurring trend lately – looking for inspiration, admiration, and applause for the every day people and events in our life. I If you recall I recently participated in Mompacts REAL mom’s event (and by the way, won the GRAND PRIZE!).  Then I told you about the Inspire My Life Women’s Conference in St George.

Well now I get to tell you about another Inspire My Life conference, coming this Saturday June 29th to Provo’s Covey Center for the Arts. Before I tell you more about the event though, I want to tell you about someone I consider a Hero at Home.  
What is a Hero at Home? I believe a hero at home is anyone we admire, that even when failing will find the positive and push through to the end. They persevere against all odds, and treat everyone they come in contact with as their best friend. They haven’t won the Noble Peace Prize, and they haven’t fought in wars – except the personal wars we wage at home. 
Today I want to tell you about my Mother In Law. I can’t really begin to describe the amazing person she is. She married an Air Force pilot, and followed him around the world for a few years. Giving birth to some of her children overseas, she made the best of her situation. When my Father In Law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a very surprising young age, Kristin stepped up. They had 5 kids that still needed to be raised, and now she had a husband, who needed so much more care than was probably ever expected.  As Chris’s diagnosis became worse he was discharged from the Air Force.  Kristin stepped up once more and began a career in teaching. For the next 26 years she taught elementary school during the day, and came home to care for her children and husband at night. Mark recalls to me listening to his moms voice recorded on tape reading him stories. She couldn’t always be physically present to him, but she made sure she was somehow there. I can not imagine the sudden change she had to go through. Dreams must have been put on hold while the responsibility of raising the kids and providing for the family came to rest on her shoulders. 
After 26 years of teaching, and raising 5 children to adulthood, Kristin retired. But she couldn’t just stop. She applied for and is now teaching ESL with the Department of Defense in Japan. Chris is by her side still pushing through his own trials. They both could have given up a long time ago. Instead they fight for each other. Chris has had numerous testing, and experimental procedures to help calm his Parkinson’s. Kristin has been by his side every step, while still pursuing her dreams of teaching and spreading love everywhere she goes. 
Kristin – I know you’re reading this. Thank you for all you did, and are still doing for your family. You are a true Hero at Home – even if home is so far away from us right now. 
If you live in or around the Provo, UT area I invite you to come hear more inspiring stories like the one I’ve shared this Saturday June 29th at the Covey Center for the Arts. 
Tickets are available at http://www.coveycenter.org/ or by calling 801.852.7007
 Or to see if an Inspire My Life event is coming to a city near you check out http://www.inspiremylife.com/
*I have received 2 tickets to attend the Heroes At Home event as compensation. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. Tell Mark, he has an amazingly resilience mom. Wonderful, wonderful woman, it must have been tough but oh how brave she was. She would get along well with my mom, I don't think they make them as tough these days. I hope so.

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