Holiday Decorating

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Last week the Princesses were begging me to put up the Christmas tree.  I was baffled, because Halloween was just barely over! But how can you resist 3 cute faces, wanting to help decorate a house?  So we put up the Halloween stuff, and out came the Christmas decor.  We did compromise though, the tree is still packed away!  We don’t have a whole lot of Christmas decor, so I’ve been browsing pinterest for some more inspiration.  Check it out!

Aren’t these all gorgeous?!  I wish I was hosting a holiday party so I had a reason to cover the chairs all pretty.  The window display I’m changing up a bit and we’re going to hang paper snowflakes in our bay window, with some help from the Princesses. 

I suggest you check out Trulie Scrumptious for some more fun holiday inspiration!
Are you getting crafty this holiday season?  Do you pinterest? I’d love to see what you’re inspiration, just post a link in the comments!  And while you’re here, don’t forget to enter the Best Gifts of 2011 Giveaway – just click the button in the left sidebar.  Happy Holidays!

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