Holiday Gift Guide: Book Lovers

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I love reading, you all know that though right? So my Holiday Gift Guide just would NOT be complete if I didn’t share some of my absolute favorite reads this year. Even better though, for you, is the giveaway! We all have that one friend, who loves to read, and will spend hours in a bookstore. Some of us even go on vacation…and find ourselves hanging out in more bookstores. Find a gift for them here!

First up, it’s not actually a book. It’s a store perfect for the book lover. While some people browse Amazon, I can usually be found browsing Easily my dream list of products come from this store. They’ve got a book shaped cake pan, famous author bobble heads, stationary with quote from Jane Austen, and of course tee’s to shout your love of books to the world. Part of a book club? They have a section of gifts for under $10 that would be great to share with those friends. I’m personally digging the Reading Family Window decals.

Car Window Decal - Family of Six
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Let’s get to the actual books now!

The Thursday Night Club by Steven Manchester 

While reading The Thursday Night Club, I felt a similar spirit as what you get from Christmas Jars. The spirit of giving, and not just at Christmas time, but all the time. To make life worth living, and a life well lived, is to give to others. I’ve been reading Steven’s books for a couple years now (read more of my reviews at I am a Reader Not a Writer), and I just love them. Every one of his books teaches another life lesson. There is a deeper meaning to us, we just need to look closer at our lives. Purchase The Thursday Night Club: A Tale of Christmas Spirit for Kindle today for only .99cents. At that price, you can buy a copy for all your friends Kindles as well – sharing the Christmas spirit is what this is all about.

The Watchers: Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden

Last year I got to know Deirdra personally as we attended our local LDS ward together. Although we never really did anything together, I knew who she was, and loved her comments during our Sunday School class. She was someone I admired well before I found out she was an author. Then I heard she was writing a book, and one of my other good friends was helping her get the word out. They were looking for teens to review it, but I asked anyways. Absolutely amazing. If you have a tween – teen aged child who doesn’t particularly care for reading, I suggest this book. It moves FAST! There is no time to “get bored” as the narrative moves right along. I am now anxiously awaiting Book 2 in the series. Read my review and then purchase The Watchers: Knight of Light on Amazon.

The Unhappening of Genesis Lee by Shallee McArthur

This was the year for acquantances publishing books. I found an old friend, through facebook, was also currently writing a book this year, and it too was recently published. The Unhappening of Genesis Lee released today! If you liked The Giver by Lois Lowry, you’ll love this book. When I got my copy in the mail, everything was put aside until I could finish it. Although set in the future, with crazy new memory technology, the story still hits close to home if you have ever lost a loved one either to memory loss, or betrayal. Now if we could really figure out a way to save all our memories without side effects, that would be pretty cool! Purchase The Unhappening of Genesis Lee on Amazon.

The Starborn Ascension by Jason D Morrow

This whole series. And the one before it. If you have a book lover, plus a zombie apocalypse follower, this is the gift to get them. Any Walking Dead fans? They’ll probably enjoy The Starborn Ascension, as well as Jason’s previous series, The Starborn Uprising. Or maybe you want to convert someone to your Zombie Apocolypse team, the non-zombie lovers will still probably enjoy these books, and get a bit more zombie excited with you. Purchase The Starborn Ascension from Amazon. If you’re just really not into Zombies though, give The Chronicles of Marenon a try.
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