Holiday Gift Guide: Cents of Style

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IMAGE: Galmour Magazine Subscription & Scarf- $12.95 & FREE SHIPPING, +15% Commission
I began this year deciding it was high time I took a little more care of myself. I needed to find my style. Something a little more than just jeans with holes in the knees and a t-shirt. I’ve found the beauty of accessorizing, adding some color, and clothes that truly fit my body. 
One of my favorite places to browse for accessories this year has been Cents of Style. I actually bought my first pair of boots from them last year around this time. Then I got their American Flag scarf, and lately I’ve been eyeing the infinity scarfs and cute hats they’ve got. 
Although I oftentimes feel like I was the only female who never really got fashion, just put on whatever without any thought to it, I know there are more of you out there. Perhaps you’re too busy, you don’t think it really matters, your budget is limited, or you put so much into taking care of everyone else it’s just too exhausting to dress yourself up as well. 
I want you to know you matter to me. I’ve been there. I’m slowly finding my way out of my fashion rut. It doesn’t actually cost too much to care for yourself. For a couple years I was wearing pants with holes in them because I “didn’t have the money” “they’re still comfy” “No one notices me”. Guess what though, they do notice. If your kids clothes are falling apart, you’d get them some new ones (even second hand), so do it for yourself too. 
If you need some inspiration. Or know someone that you want to gift a little fashion to this Christmas, today is the day to do it!  Cents of Style is offering 1 full year subscription to Glamour Magazine and scarf (in 5 different colors) for only $12.95 + Free Shipping – make sure to use Code FASHIONFRIDAY

IMAGE: Galmour Magazine Subscription & Scarf- $12.95 & FREE SHIPPING, +15% Commission

Here are the details:

Once you have placed the order on Cents of Style for the scarf and magazine, you will receive 2 confirmation emails. One for the scarf and a second with all of the magazine subscription information. You will receive your redemption voucher and a link to claim your subscription. The voucher code for the magazine subscription will expire 12/31/14. The scarves will ship separately next week. Remember use code FASHIONFRIDAY to get this deal at $12.95

The scarf is normally $19.95, while the cover price for Glamour is $42. This is an incredible savings, and would make a great stocking stuffer for someone special in your life.

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