Holiday Gifts for Neighbors #MompactLNO

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It’s snowing here. I was worried that we had moved too far south for snow, but we didn’t!  Once the snow starts, I really start getting into the Holiday Spirit.

And that means Holiday Gifts for my Neighbors!  There are so many cute things out there. Thanks to pinterest I’ve got them at my fingertips.  Some of my favorite Holiday Gifts from neighbors are the ones with cute sayings.

Like these Elf Kisses

Or the classic Reindeer Poop

As fun as these gifts are though, I also like the home baked goods. Something made with love, that’s healthy to boot.  My mother in law likes to make mini loaves of bread to share. I remember the first Christmas we were married and we went over to her house, there were just dozens of mini loaves on her table. Oh the smell itself was intoxicating! 
If you don’t want to make anything, mixes are also a great gift! It allows the receiver to make it whenever they want. You can add wooden spoons, pot holders, or even an apron to go along with it. Just tie it together with a bow.
Now as good as brownies are, I also enjoy the healthy treats.  I’ve just come across Miffy’s Marvelous Muffin Mix, and they are oh so yummy!  These would look really cute with a spoon added and tied with ribbon.  You could even add a cute note “Holidays are fun, but often make us stressed. Sit back and relax, enjoy these muffins with your kids”  (A good example on why I’ll never get a job with greeting cards)
To get you started on your Holiday Gift Giving, Miffy is running a special sale during the month of November
  • 4 packs/$20
  • 6 packs/$30
  • 8 packs/$40 

What do you give your neighbors? Do you have a favorite gift to receive?

Don’t forget you can also win 2 packs of Miffy’s Marvelous Muffins along with some other great products from MomPact

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