Enjoy the Simple Moments this Holiday with Clean Floors from Bona

Enjoy the simple moments this holiday season with a 15 minute floor cleanup from Bona. #BonaSimpleMoments #ad

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Christmas is coming and the halls have been decked. Our tree is up, the lights are coming to the outside of the house, and stockings will be hung on Christmas eve. Currently, my biggest concern is keeping the house clean in the midst of baking cookies and pulling out the holiday decorations. I’d love to enjoy more of the simple moments, and spend less time stressing about the cleaning.

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Enjoy the simple moments this holiday season with a 15 minute floor cleanup from Bona. #BonaSimpleMoments #ad

The one thing I never wanted was a house full of hardwood floors. They look fantastic, especially with Christmas decorating them. However, the upkeep of hardwood floors is not something especially easy. So what’s a 27-week pregnant mom of 4 to do? Well, this is how I enjoy the simple moments during the holiday season, while also cleaning the floors in under 15 minutes. 

Simple Moments Step 1:

Ask the Husband to help. “Honey, I can’t clean the floors today. There are too many, the kids are too dirty, and baby belly says I’ll never make it back up.”
OK he says…. a week later, you realize just how bad the floors have become. I get it. He has a full time job, and as much as the floors need cleaned, spending time as a family not cleaning is probably more important this season anyways. 

Simple Moments Step 2:

Ask the Kids. “Hey kids, I just swept up this mess! Hang up your coats, put your shoes away, do NOT wear them around the house after you ran through the mud/snow. Please oh please will someone clean up this mess?”

You wonder if anyone listened as they ran past, and tried to decide if you should get down on all fours and spot clean the tracks you hope are just mud. Remember that you are quite pregnant, and as the OB has told you twice now “measuring large”, and decide it’s not worth getting stuck on the floor and having a 4 year old attempt to help you up.

Simple Moments Step 3:

Buy Bona Floor Care products, and clean your whole house in 15 minutes. Dust and mop those hardwood floors from a safe standing position!

Do something right for you, and buy Bona floor products. Enjoy the simpler moments of life. #bonaSimpleMoments #ad

That’s right, do something right for you this holiday season. I am so incredibly impressed with the Bona wet and dry system. My first step was to take the  Dusting Cloths and give a full once over to the whole house – well every room but our 1 carpeted room. So much dirt and dust! After this very simple step, Mark walked through and said “Hey! The floors look shiny.” To which I replied, “Thanks, I’ve only dusted them.”

Dust your floors with Bona and see them shine #BonaSimpleMoments #ad

After the Dusting Mop did it’s job – in less then 5 minutes, might I add – I pulled out the wet cleaning pads. Bona specifically makes pads that are safe to use on hardwood floors, and leave no residue behind. The last thing anyone should worry about during the holidays is whether their cleaning products are doing the right job.

Ta-Da! We now have clean floors, that I did, all me, by myself, throughout the entire house! I may not completely despise living in a home with hardwood flooring now with how quick the cleanup has become. Plus, it’s hard to look past the simple touch a hardwood floor can bring to a home. 

After a Bona floor cleanup, enjoy a simple moment your way. #BonaSimpleMoments #ad

Personally, after such ‘grueling’ work I took a moment to put my feet up, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and watch our son enjoying the Christmas tree. He just loves looking at all the ornaments and telling me about his favorites. 

If you’d like to enjoy a Bona Simple Moments, head over to their Facebook page and enter to win either $100 worth of Bona products OR a $150 Spa Finder Gift Card. A trip to the spa sans husband and kids sounds like another perfect moment to enjoy after the holidays are over. 

6 thoughts on “Enjoy the Simple Moments this Holiday with Clean Floors from Bona

  1. I use the Bona spray mop to wet mop my laminate floors. I love it, but the dust mop doesn’t seem to be pretty effective in picking up pet hairs which are quite annoying on hard floors.

    So, I have to use the damp mop to collect the hairs every day. I’m worried this will damage my floors.

    How does the dusting cloth perform in taping pet and human hair? I would love to give them a try.

    Alex recently posted…21 Best Ways To Clean Up Pet Hair From Everywhere!My Profile

  2. Hello I found out your blog very interesting about the selection of floorings .You should check this website called Symphony International which has wide range of floorings. It is really difficult to choose the right flooring but you made this easier now. Thank You.

  3. Since tiles have a hard and solid surface, it doesn’t tend to attract dirt, pollen, dust, or other allergens. Adding a tile floor to your home will increase its potential resale value.

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