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This week’s topic
What? Seriously, mailboxes. I want to hear your thoughts on mailboxes. Do you love them, hate them. Are you a P.O box only kind of person, or a two timer?
This thought was provoked by my good friend Diane’s post “I Have a Love Affair with my Mailbox” from last week.
I too have a love affair with my mailbox!  Sigh. As Diane said, it brings a lot of junk, but yet I keep hoping to open it and find more than just junk. Why? Because I love my mailbox. I love getting mail, even junk. Silly it may sound, but I feel even if I get junk mail, then somebody out in the world was thinking about me.  True right? 
The days I really get let down when I open my mailbox, are the ones that contain nothing. Not even junk. I start thinking negative thoughts. Mostly along the lines of….eh hem….”I just wasted time coming out to check you!” Come on, Adelina, it took all of 10 seconds to walk to the mailbox, and check it.
Maybe if I feed my mailbox more, I would get more out of it? What do you think? See I keep sending letters to my brother (serving a 2year LDS mission in Boston), but he hasn’t written back yet. He’s been gone 6months. I know he’s busy, and honestly I’m not complaining. I enjoy sending him letters.   
Since that’s the only mail I feed my mailbox, I should probably try giving it more. Maybe it will then give back some. It definitely couldn’t hurt.
It’s not just what’s inside the mailbox that I like. I like the look of mailboxes. Something about them just screams Home to me. How can you have a home without a mailbox? It just wouldn’t look right. My parents live in a neighborhood that shares a big box of mailboxes, all with keys, and then shared package slots. It’s great for safety concerns, especially if you live in a well off neighborhood. With all the crazies out there you’ve got to keep mail safe. I wouldn’t want one of those though. I prefer something more like this from
Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest
Or what about something sentimental like we see in Disney’s movie UP

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4 thoughts on “Mailboxes – Think About It!

  1. Phew! I am glad that I am not the only one who loves visiting the mailbox in hopes of something fun, interesting, intriguing, whatever! 🙂

    I do have to say though, I was a bit unsure of what to write about at first….But I really did enjoy the topic!

  2. ROFL This was a cute post! I also feel really disappointed when I get no mail – not even junk mail! And my mailman has changed routes, so I don't get my mail until 4 pm – 6 pm now. It really stinks because I used to get it around 11 am!

    1. Oh I hate when they change routes! At our last place, they changed routes almost daily, so sometimes it would come at 10am, and sometimes not unti 6pm! Drove me crazy, because I would have to get up really early if I wanted to remember to mail something out.

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