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3 Things You Would Like to Change About Your Child’s School
Most of us are a good couple weeks into school. If our kids are in a new school, we’ve had time to get to know it a bit. If it’s a school you’re kids have been going to forever, you probably know all the ins and outs. So let’s hear them.
For us, we’re at a new school, because our oldest just started Kindergarten. She actually went to preschool at the elementary school last year, but then we moved, so it’s new again.  So far we are really enjoying it, but there are a few things I would love to change!
1) Pick a different start time! She has afternoon Kindergarten, that starts at 11:50.  I just find it the craziest time. For us, lunch is served at 12, but Kindergarten doesn’t eat at the school, which means I’ve had to change our meal schedule. We now eat at 11. It has totally thrown me off, and my kids have had some funny “grazing” habits since. 
2) A separate pick up area for Kindergarten. There is one turn around area for the whole elementary school, and since Princess V gets out the same time as the rest of the elementary, it makes pick up CRAZY! For the older kids, the parents pull up, wait for their kid, and take off. For parents of the Kindergarteners, we have to park, get out of the car, walk over and let the teacher see us, before they let our kid go. I totally get it, and I think that’s great actually for safety. However, I’ve got 3 smaller kids in the car, and tons of traffic from every other parent there. This is the only place for parents to park their car, besides on the street a good distance away. So I have to show up to the school 20 minutes before it’s out, just to get a good spot right next to the Kindergarten pick up area. That way I can wait until they come out, then leave the other kids in the car (don’t judge, they aren’t alone for more than a minute, and I can see them the whole time!). Totally cuts into Prince L’s napping time.
3) Keep the fence closed around the playground. I’ve periodically driven by the Elementary school during the day, and noticed the gate leading to the road is wide open, and kids are out playing. I get we live in a small town, but the fence and gate are there for a reason. Crazy people are everywhere, and kids are always looking for a quick escape. Get that gate closed!
Ok, theses are really silly and simple changes. Obviously, they all, except #3 have to deal with my opinion, and schedule. I totally don’t expect the school to change just to accomodate me. As far as I can tell, we have been very fortunate to move to a school district that truly cares about their kids learning! 
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4 thoughts on “Would you change anything about your child’s school? – Think About It

  1. all of those are soo valid, we have full day K here so we have a crazy drop off where all the kids have to line up and a crazy drop off. They all line up again and are released individually, I get there early too with all the daycare kids. Although yesterday I had to terminate a client for trying to bring their child sick.

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