Household Management Binder

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With the help from some friends and their favorite links, and a little google searching, I have created a Household Management Binder for our House.  
The cover made with my Cricut!
Daily to do lists
Birthdays with monthly calendars behind it
Chore Charts – one for each of us (mom, dad, Venice and Chloe)
List of Bills, due dates, amounts, and paid
Weekly meal planning followed by….
A grocery shopping list
If you have any ideas to add to my book, something you might have in yours, please leave a comment.  I rely on ideas of others to get me going!
What would you put in a Household Management binder?

4 thoughts on “Household Management Binder

  1. I need help with the meal planning! AAH…
    I have some of my organizing in binders and some on my computer. I want it all in one place so I need to figure out how to do that. Mostly all of my financial stuff is on my computer – gotta love Excel!

  2. In mine, I also have an information sheet. It has contact information for family members, emergency numbers and my address. I know it sounds silly to have my address on there but I figure for a babysitter or something if there's an emergency. Ya never know.

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