How Big? {80 Bites, Week 2}

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Well, it’s week 2 of my new diet. Since week 1 was more about observation, I was pretty excited. This week, not so much. Trying to limit my number of bites, while remembering to count them as well, has been difficult. Mark needs the Ipad at school, so I don’t always have the 80 Bites App available to count for me.

Remember how I said I thought the talking stomach was cute? Admittedly, I do still think he’s cute, but I found myself talking back to him when I disagreed with his comments. 

Have you ever seen that commercial, where the teenage girls follow a man around and make comments about what he’s eating?  Haha, yeah. That’s what I felt like with this talking stomach. If I was eating too fast, he’d tell me to slow down, but in very humorous and um…snarky ways. When I reached over the “right” number of bites per meal he started congratulating me on eating for two….yep, I’m not eating for two.

But I’m going to keep at it! I think over time I won’t feel as guilty or like a rebelling teen against the snarky stomach. That is the hope at least!

Week 2’s tasks in the 80 Bites program includes watching the size of your bites. It really should be no bigger than a quarter….or an inch of a banana.  Which really makes sense to me, but I’ve also got a fairly small mouth. So I think I’m good on this one!

Enough of my rambling, on to the weekly questions!
Depending on the weeks tasks I may add to these questions.
How Many
Bites did you take?
– I’m still trying to remember to count, but when I do, I am actually keeping it pretty close to 80.
Do you feel
– A little, but not in the sense I thought I would. I feel deprived of bites. I try to give myself 20 bites per meal, with 20 more for the rest of the days snacking. When I hit 20 though, and there’s still some yummy food in front of me, that is when I feel deprived. I’m big on flavors and taste, so I tend to over eat just to enjoy that flavor a little longer.
Weight at the
beginning of the diet?
– 165 (that’s
right I’m telling the world my weight!)
– 161.5
Has it
motivated you?
This week, not so much. But, I’ve been sick this week, so that really sucks the motivation out of me. All I’ve really wanted to do was indulge in quick and easy treats. Hopefully once I get over this, I’ll be motivated again to workout daily. I want to up my crunches from 50/day to 75/day, and go running at least once a week.
Week 2 Question: Are there any times/situations that cause you to mindlessly eat?
– You bet! Sometimes I get so focused on getting kids ready and fed, and dresses and laundry started in the mornings, that I forget to sit down and eat breakfast myself. I find when I skip breakfast, it causes mindless snacking the whole rest of the day! And I should know better. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.

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