How to keep cool in this Heat

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How’s the weather where you’re at?  Are you melting yet?  I feel like I don’t need to do any kind of exercise in this heat, and I’ll still burn up enough to lose the baby weight. 
We had some storm clouds roll in this morning, and I thought for sure we’d get some rain, and cool air. No such luck. It was cooler, than the past few days, but no rain.
We wake up, and almost immediately turn on our swamp cooler, and fans. It would be nice if we could hold off until the afternoon, but I don’t think we’d make it. We’d be like slugs sliming our way around the house.
Here’s a few tips to keep cool
– ceiling fans! If you have some, use them. They will help circulate the air.
– blinds and curtains. First thing in the morning, open the windows on the west side of your house to let in some cool air. Just make sure they’re closed and covered by noon, to avoid letting the heat in. At night open some windows to let the cool air circulate. Having curtains to block out the sun will also help block out the heat. They actually sell some curtains that have a reflecting back to push the heat away from your house.
– Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated! 
– Try to avoid doing laundry during the day. The washer and dryer create more heat as they run. I did a day of laundry earlier this week, and even with my ceiling fan our basement was just burning up. Now I try to get a load done in the morning, and then run one at night before I go to bed.
– Take a cool shower. I can’t believe I’m advication cold showers, but this summer has taught me they can be quite refreshing.
– Smoothies! I love smoothies, and they just offer such a refreshing cool summer drink.
– If all else fails, head out of the house, and find a public building with A/C. Just hang out, and enjoy the cool air.
I hope you are all staying cool this summer. If you have any other tips on how to stay cool, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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