How to Minimize Stress with Paperless Coupons

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There are so many things in life that can cause us stress. Finances, kids, employment, family, school – you name it and it has probably added stress to your life in one way or another. For me, clipping coupons was just packed full of stress, so I avoided it. Honestly the idea of buying a bunch of papers to get coupons that I then have to match up to store ads to find the best price at the best store – it’s stressful all around! I just don’t need that kind of stress in my life. I like the idea of saving money, just not the time it takes. So I was pretty stoked when someone told me Walgreens has paperless coupons.

What is a paperless coupon?
Paperless coupons are just that – paperless! All you need is a smart phone and a Balance Rewards Card at Walgreens. You will download the free Walgreens app to your phone, and then sync it to your rewards card. Once you are logged in with your rewards card you can clip manufacturer ecoupons. When you clip them, they get loaded directly onto your Balance Rewards Card. Now the really cool part is when you go to the store. You can use your actual card, type in your phone number, OR the cashier can just scan your phone! Isn’t that just neat?

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How do Paperless Coupons minimize stress?
I know you’re wondering. It sounds fun, but does it really minimize stress? You bet it does! Let me tell you 3 ways it has minimized stress in my life.

Money. Now this seems pretty obvious. Coupons save you money. When you save money, you stress over finances less. When you stress less over finances, there will be less stress in your marriage. I would venture to say the #1 cause of stress in a marriage. I know it usually is in ours. Especially now as we get ready to move 900 miles away. It’s crazy expensive to move, so we’ve got to find creative ways to cut our outgoing money down. Trying to clip coupons the old fashioned way, just rearranges where the stress is coming from. Paperless coupons minimize the stress completely! Not only does is help with the stress, but with paperless coupons you don’t have to buy a newspaper just to get the coupons. Saving you even more money.

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Time. How much time do you spend clipping paper coupons each week? Now imagine that the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Did you just sigh out loud? I sure did! When you’ve been given a week to move, and 2 of those days need to be spent actually driving to your new home, you really need every spare moment you can get. Spending the time clipping coupons is not what you want to do. Whether you’re moving like us or not – your time is valuable! Don’t waste it on trying to save every last penny, and instead go play hide and seek with the kids for a couple of hours, or in my current state – pack 5 more boxes.

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Sanity. Yep, Paperless coupons have totally saved my sanity this week. My awesome kids were looking at a week of freeze dried strawberries and apple slices, because I didn’t think we could afford other snacks and the time it would take to get them at the right price. I found a great ecoupon for Gerber Graduates Grabbers, and General Mills cereals so my kids can now snack on a little more variety and not complain about the same thing over and over again. To help even more with my stress, I put the cereal in these handy to go containers.

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Isn’t that great? Now instead of spending my time, money and sanity trying to save us money, I can do what needs to be done for our move, like you know staying up all night packing for the next 4 days. Thank goodness there was a coupon for Dasani Sparkling Water – it’s going to be my late night stay awake drink.

#WalgreensPaperless #shop #cbias

Do you clip coupons? 

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