How to Pit Cherries without a Cherry Pitter

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Happy 4th of July everyone!  It is cherry season, and I’m making a cherry pie today for our BBQ.

Over the weekend, I went to my mom’s to help pit and can some cherries. She has a cherry pitter, but doesn’t like it. According to her, you still have to check every cherry to make sure the pit came out, and it ends up squishing the cherries more.  A neighbor recommended the following way to pit cherries.

Youl will need:
– a plastic straw
– towels
– 2 bowls

Place the straw on top of the cherry where the stem entered it. Holding the straw over a bowl push the straw through the cherry, and watch the pit fall out. Place the cherry in a separate bowl, and continue with the rest. Sometimes the pit will just move to the side, so you may have to dig with the straw a bit, but for the most part it comes right out.
You’ll want the towels because this does get messy. I suggest standing so your arms are above the bowls, as this will keep the cherry juice from dripping down your arms.

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