How to use Fabric Softener to create Magical Mornings

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What’s the recipe for a Magical Morning? 3 simple ingredients that include incredible scents, soft clothes, and more time! Thanks to Suavitel’s new Fast Dry fabric softener I’ve been able to create some pretty fun mornings lately. 
When I did our first load of laundry in this house, it took 3 cycles before the load was sufficiently dry. 3 TIMES!!! I just was not OK with that. Since we had just moved, and took 3 days to drive out here, I really needed to do laundry, and I needed it done as fast as possible. Unfortunately I wasn’t seeing an end in sight after only getting 1 load done that first day. 
I spent a lot of time over the next couple of weeks checking on the clothes in the dryer, finding odd places to hang still wet clothes, and finally sending Mark out to see if he could figure out the problem. As it turns out, the set up is just all wrong, and our dryer vents upwards. This had caused a huge blockage of lint in the middle of the vent pipe. Mark got the blockage cleaned out, but we couldn’t do anything about the direction of the vent. Of course it doesn’t help my feeling of being rushed that we also share our washer and dryer with the downstairs neighbor.
When we were walking through Walmart one day, looking for treats for Princess R and Little Prince, when we also came across Suavitel’s new Fast Dry Fabric Softener. Fast Dry? I had to try it obviously. The scent – Magical Morning Sun – also pulled me in, because I needed some magical mornings with my littles that didn’t include trying to dry our clothes, and make sure everyone had clean clothes before school started. 
This child! Her facial expressions totally crack me up. Even I don’t get that excited about doing laundry. The bright colors had her sold though – so much so, that we may have come home with a couple of bottles….
Now that we had our fabric softener, it was time to get cracking on creating the perfect magical morning. It use to be, after we dropped the older two off at school we had to hurry home and check the laundry. Now? We take our time, because I know there’s no rush. The dryer can wait. 

When creating our magical morning, I looked to Suavitel to see what ingredients I might need. Similar to what makes this fabric softener so great, our magical morning consists of the same ingredients.
You will need:
Soft Clothes – Your mornings can’t be Magical if you’re stuck in stiff or static-y clothes. So make sure you put on something soft before creating magic. It will be the best kind of magic. We like to use the best fabric softener to get the softest clothes. 
Incredible scents – Next look for some incredible scents. One of the kids favorite things to do is stop and smell the flowers. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about our walks, it’s that the longer we spend smelling flowers, the more magical the rest of the day seems. Of course if you want to have a magical morning at home, you can just get those scents on your clothes. 
Lots of time – Finally, you will need lots of time. Who wants to interrupt smelling flowers with running home only to do more chores. Come on, we all want to spend more time creating magic, so make sure you have the time! For me, I find more time by finding ways to cut time spent on chores like laundry. Suavitel claims to save you 30% of the time normally spent waiting for those clothes to dry (also saving you on energy costs, double score!)
What’s your recipe for a Magical Morning?

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