Hunger Games and Presale PARTAY!

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You may all call me nerdy now, but I personally think we all have our obsessions with things we like. For me it comes in the form of dystopian novels, like The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Yeah it might be a tad ironic that they turned a book about violence in entertainment into a movie, but what can I say, I think it has a good message and storyline. It most definitely does not promote violence, but rather shows how evil violence is!
Whoops, sorry a bit of a tangent there. What I really want to tell you right now, is that Blockbuster is having a PreSale and Release PARTAY for the BluRay DVD!
Fans of The Hunger Games, you need to head out to your local Blockbuster ASAP and pre-order your copy before the end of day on August 15th (this coming Wednesday!).  When you do, you will receive a free exclusive Hunger Games poster AND be invited to the release party August 17th from 9pm-midnight. 
What are you waiting for? Find your local blockbuster here
“May the odds ever be in your favor”
(and I will gladly volunteer to take your place, if you want to fly me to your blockbuster, since there’s none near me)

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