Hygge: Learning to Relax and Enjoy the Simple Things

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Hygge: pronounced hoo-guh.

The Danish word means feeling cozy contentment while enjoying the simple things that life has to offer. 

Find Hygge with Hygge Happy Coloring Pages When I first heard of hygge, I pictured myself curled up on our couch, a fire blazing in our non-existent fireplace, a good book in my lap, and a cup of hot cocoa in my hand. 

Find new ways to embrace Hygge Happy with this coloring book. ad Hygge will look different for everyone. Some people may enjoy hygge while out walking. Others may enjoy it while surrounded by their friends and family with the noise of conversation and laughter. 

I find hygge more in the silent moments. Moments of reflection.  Sometimes while watching my children play from a distance, though most often I find it in the simple accomplishments of my day to day activities. 

Many of you may recall when I first began writing I would show you before and afters of my very messy and disorganized home. Those posts brought me a feeling of contentment. As I took the time to organize our home into the cozy space I desired, I could enjoy the little moments of my life more. 

So in honor of finding hygge, I’m going to share another before and after. 

Finding Hygge before and after I love this desk. We acquired it for free when some friends moved across the country and didn’t want to take it with them. It sits under the east-facing window in my bedroom and gets a beautiful morning glow across it. 

It is also easy to cover it with ‘to do’ and ‘take care of later’ items. Basically rendering it completely useless for anything I’d like to use it for. Last week on my kids’ chore list, I had them clean off their desks. They were atrocious and unusable. I wonder where they got that from….

Obviously, I couldn’t be a hypocrite of a mother, so I went to work cleaning off my desk as well. 

Now that the space is cleaned off, I can enjoy more intentional moments of hygge. Whether it’s reading a book, coloring in my Hygge Happy coloring book, or planning my spring garden – I’ve now got the space to do that.  Just looking at this cleaned up area brings a little of that cozy contented feeling into my life. 

Hygge Happy: Coloring Pages for a Cozy Life

The coloring book featured in this post is full of beautiful artwork that you get to color! Each page is inspired by something that could be a source of contentment in someone’s life – maybe yours. On the back of each coloring page is an idea on how you can add a little bit of that hygge feeling to your daily life. 

Check out the artists at Robin Pickens Blog and April Heather Art. Then purchase a copy of Hygge Happy on Amazon today.

4 thoughts on “Hygge: Learning to Relax and Enjoy the Simple Things

  1. Organizing your life is always a great reflecting moment and gives me a sense of peace as well. You never really realize how cluttered your life is until you sit down and clean it up.

  2. Love this! I think so many people overlook the fact that a clean palette makes it so much easier to feel comfortable in their homes! (And that coloring book is so cute!)

  3. The desk looks lovely. They don’t make desks the way they used to. My parents still have a huge wooden desk they got during the 70s. It’s much heavier, and sturdier than most of those we see today.

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