I have a Dream..

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Famous words that began to change a nation. A nation, that regardless your political affiliation, now has a black President. A dream fulfilled for many that only ever believed it to be a dream. 
These 4 simple words are now in the popular – and one of my favorite – movies Disney’s Tangled. As Rapunzel turns a crowd of ruffians and thugs into a singing and dancing group that only ever had a dream. 
Often I believe we look at the past and think, gosh they really did something wonderful, but then we look at our future and don’t believe we have the same capabilities. That our dreams can not be realized. 
I disagree.
I believe we can have dreams, big dreams! As long as we always strive toward them, and try our best, our dreams can become reality. And as Flynn says, then we can find a new dream to pursue. Let me share some of my dreams with you.
I have a dream, that my children will see the good in everyone around them.  That they will look past faults and mistakes, to see the inner child of God. 
I have a dream, that one day the media will stop pushing unhealthy body images – and that our young women will respect their bodies no matter the size and shape. 
I have a dream, that one day we will own the perfect home for our family. Where our children will have room to grow, but not too much that it overwhelms us all. 
I have a dream, that one day our political differences will unite us instead of separate us. It’s our different points of view and abilities to see both sides that will make us a strong nation. 
I have a dream, to travel the world with my husband.
What’s your Dream?

4 thoughts on “I have a Dream..

  1. those are great dreams babe!! I just dream to be content with what ever I have no matter how much or how little that maybe and that I continue to enjoy the things that life brings my way, again, no matter how big or small.

  2. Love your dream about body image! My dream is to have my family together at the ocean, building sand castles, finding shells, and playing in the water 🙂

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