IfOnly and the American Red Cross promoting Earthquake Preparedness

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When we think of California’s landscape, one thing I think will come to everyone’s mind are earthquakes. Sure California has a beautiful coast line, and ginormous trees, but they also suffer from several earthquakes every year.

IfOnly has partnered with the American Red Cross to participate in the California Auction – sponsored by the California Earthquake Authority. Through this auction they hope to help more people prepare for and survive through earthquakes.

Did you know?!
In Southern California today alone has already seen 11 earthquakes! (14 a little after I typed this up!)
In the past year there have been over 2000 earthquakes in Southern California!
I don’t know about you, but I find those numbers pretty staggering. I love that someone has decided to take initiative to educate and help California citizens to prepare for these earthquakes. The California Earthquake Authority is a publicly managed, privately funded, not for profit organization!
Even though I don’t live in California, I like to think that world catastrophes are not outside of my scope of help. By bidding or purchasing some unique experiences from IfOnly this April you will be helping the CEA and The America Red Cross better serve the residents of California before, during and after earthquakes. 
Just check out some of these really cool experiences that could be yours!
Shania Twain
My personal favorite experience would be the VIP Shania Twain Experience in Vegas – complete with a 2 night stay at Caesars Palace, backstage pass to meet Shania, and the best seats in the house for her performance! Mid price range
Demi Lovato
For a more conservative budget though you could purchase a Personalized and Signed copy of Demi Lovato’s book Staying Strong: 365 days a year.  Low price range
LA Sports
Or perhaps you’re a Dodgers Fan? This experience has you sitting in a luxury box during a Dodgers Game, part of the time with Legend Steve Garvey, plus so much more!! High Price range. 
Do you live in California? Check out Get Prepared California now, and download the App!

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