Immune Support for your Holiday Guests

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I have this hope that family will want to come visit us for the holidays. Of course since we’re the ones that moved, we will probably do more of the traveling and visiting, but I’m pretty sure my family loves us enough to come visit. I had a hard time when we first moved to North Dakota, with the climate change. Vitamin C has since become my best friend.  
No one wants to take chances with their immune system, especially on vacation. With holiday travel approaching, I want to make sure you’re prepped to make your guests feel at home while supporting their health. 

A Place To Sleep

First off, you do not need to have an extra room just for guests. If you do have a spare room in your house, awesome! I have a feeling more of you are like me though, and your house is the right size for your family. When I stayed with my brother this summer, I slept in my nephews room, and he had a campout in his siblings room. For young kids, this makes for great memories! When we have company visit, we’ll do the same, and let our son sleep in his sisters room (or our bed, since he tends to prefer that most nights anyway). 

Clean Bedding

Have a set of sheets specifically used for guests. It’s a lot cheaper to put fresh sheets on a bed, then to keep an extra bed in a room that rarely gets used. If you have some extra blankets as well (and I have tons, thanks to my Grandma’s lifetime of quilt making) put on a fresh blanket to make the room look like it’s just for them. 

Furniture Arrangement

Look at the furniture arrangement. What may be ideal for your child, might not be the best arrangement for your guest. I moved Little Prince’s dresser over next to the bed for a more “hotel” look. This also opened up a space to bring in an extra chair, giving guests a place to relax separate from our crazy days. 

Gift Basket for Guests

Finally put together a little guest basket to let them know you appreciate them visiting you. I like to think of this basket as the “hotel” basket. The basics you would get in a hotel, I want my guest to have. In my basket I’ve included fresh towels, as well as a laundry bag. The laundry bag allows my guest to put the used towels when they’re done, and letting me know they’re ready to get washed. Also included is soap, shampoo, tissues, a water bottle and Ester-C. When family visits I want them on top of their game so we can have lots of fun together! 
Like I said, Vitamin C has been my game changer for living in North Dakota. The weather is pretty drastically different from Utah. I found Ester-C over at Walmart. It has helped me keep up with my busy lifestyle by giving me around the clock immune system support. Since most visitors I get will probably also be coming from Utah I want them to have the same support I get.

As a little extra, to show my guests that I’m better than a hotel stay, I added a little treat plate with homemade caramels and hot chocolate as well. You know you want to come stay with me now right? I’ll keep you both happy and healthy so you can just relax and enjoy time away from your home. 

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