Imagine the Impossibilities

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I came across this blog post, and decided I would take the challenge. I wasn’t sure at the time what my impossible would be, and had to give it some thought. It took me a week or two, but I’ve finally decided on my impossible.
My sister, without knowing about the challenge, asked me this weekend “Are you ever afraid to do anything? Do you do it anyway?” 
YES! Aren’t we all afraid of something? Her question was a good jumping off point for me. What am I afraid of trying? Will I attempt it anyway?  This year I will!

One of my biggest fears is changing a car tire. When I have to drive long distances I worry that a tire is going to blow and I’ll have to figure out how to change it, or be stranded. Last year as I drove frequently to my parents I was constantly checking tire pressure to make sure that that would never cause a blown tire.  During the fall something happened, not sure what, to cause one of our tires to be almost completely depleted of air. Hubs told me it was getting low, but he didn’t seem all that concerned so I decided to run my errands and then put air in it. When I stopped and saw I was practically riding the rim I about freaked. I didn’t have change for the air machines (they really should be free!), and so I just took myself to the car shop and had them fill all my tires.

Right so after all that rambling, my fear is changing a flat tire. My Impossible challenge this year is to learn how to change a flat tire. It will be good for both me and my sanity as I drive. I’ll probably always be afraid of a tire blowing on the freeway, but at least I won’t have to add to that fear with not knowing how to change it. 

What are you afraid of? Will you try it anyway? I challenge you to try something new this year. Turn your Impossible into a Possible!

4 thoughts on “Imagine the Impossibilities

  1. I've tried to learn many times to change a tire, but the biggest challenge seems to be physical strength. You might be stronger than me, I haven't had to lift little ones in a while. Maybe there are tools that designed to make it easier for women? Good luck,

  2. Oh my, I LOVE this challenge. I know how to change a tire, but I'm not strong enough to get the rusty old jack out of place under the hood of our 1995 jeep. :/ Thanks so much for joining our challenge and posting our button! I'm your newest follower!

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