Is this home? A Theme Song for the blog

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Have I told you all about this house we’re living in?
Well, I think I may have purposefully been avoiding it.
See, when we first looked at this home, we loved it. It has a great layout, and lots of land.
The problem was we looked at the home while it was still packed with a lifetime of stuff, that had been shut up in rooms untouched for years.
When we moved in, we saw many many more problems than we expected.
1. The foundation. It’s almost certain it is falling. I have a nice hill in the kitchen, and the front room slopes eastward.
2. Walls. There are holes in the walls, from the old pot belly stoves, that were never closed up.
Which brings us to the soot that covers every wall, from the pot belly stoves. Add to that the coal mine just a mile down the road, and we’ve got some black walls.
3. The bathroom. Where do I start? From the toilet that grows mold daily, or the leaky bathtub with wood rot?
4. You are so lucky this blog can’t send smells to you! Not that I would want to send this to you, but I’m pretty sure there’s something dead somewhere in this house. We just haven’t found it yet.
We have a Beauty and the Beast Broadway music CD, and it’s often one we listen to with the kids. Shortly after our move, we had the CD playing and Belle’s song “Home” came on. Wow. I thought she must be singing about me! I laugh now, but that first week, I very much wanted to cry listening to this song. I think it has a great message though, for anyone going through a hard time, moving away from where they consider Home is.
Remember,  Home is where your Heart is. You can make where ever you live Home, especially when you put your Heart into it.
With that, enjoy “Home” sung by Susan Egan (Belle on Broadway)

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