Jack Franklin: Best Ties for Dad {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

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The Necktie – it’s a classic gift we have all given our dad’s at some point in our lives. It’s useful, for some daily, and you can usually get a fun tie for cheap. The problem is, that’s exactly what they usually are – cheap.   If they’re not cheap, then you’ve probably paid more than anyone ever should for a piece of neckwear.  
Inline image 2Jack Franklin ties are different.  These are fine quality ties, that the average wage earner can afford. Well made neck ties aren’t just for the rich you know!  I remember my dad always wearing ties, and now Mark, just to teach school.  They should look just as sharp, and feel just as well dressed as the men working Wall Street.
I was pretty excited to offer this review, since it got to include Mark – something I don’t always get to do here on the blog.  I spent a good day browsing the ties at Jack Franklin, trying to find the perfect one for Mark. I thought the 70’s School Teacher tie was pretty nice, and fitting for a teacher, but I eventually decided on the Midnight Tie.
Now since as a female, I don’t know that much about ties, I had to ask Mark for his opinion. According to Mark it is a nice thick tie that will hold a good knot.  Normally a $75 tie, the Midnight tie is only $24 at Jack Franklin.
Here’s a little info you should know about the Jack Franklin Ties:
  • 100% quality silk
  • Woven with an Italian Weaver
  • Wool interlining
  • Hand Sewn
They are so sure you’ll love these ties that they back every one with a No Questions Asked return policy!  If that isn’t confidence in product, nothing is.
Now I may not know much about ties, but I do know a thing or two about sewing. A careful check over this tie, and I know it’s been well made. I am very pleased with our Jack Franklin tie – from the quality to the design, I know where I’ll be looking for future tie purchases.
Visit Jack Franklin online to purchase a fine Tie
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