Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s Birthday Party

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Last Saturday Princess C turned 5 years old. I don’t know where the time went with her. I sometimes look at her, and feel that I’ve lost a lot of time already.  I still feel like she should be 2 even though we have 2 kids younger than her. I just can’t believe she’s 5!!! 
In keeping to tradition with my family, we all woke up before the birthday girl to make her a special request breakfast (Chocolate cereal and a smoothie). We then carried it down to her room where we woke her up with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

This is actually the first birthday in our little family that we’ve done the breakfast in bed thing. It was definitely a hit, and will be continued!  While she ate I pulled out her new birthday outfit Mark bought her, and got ready for a special photo shoot in our backyard.

I’m working on my photography skills, but having a sunny day sure helped! This is one that just shines with Princess C’s personality.
Finally she had to wait for her little friends to come over. While she waited…
and waited…
I finished up her birthday cake.

I was actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used a box mix for the cake (chocolate of course). Between layers, I put some cream cheese frosting and a bit of my freezer Strawberry jam.  I then mixed some red food coloring into the rest of the cream cheese frosting to get the pink, and outlined and filled her bandanna.
For her skin, I used this Chocolate Buttercream recipe from Savory Sweet Life.  Once I had her skin on, I went in for the details. These are always what get me. If I had planned ahead, I probably would have made the pigtails from some rice krispy treats, but I didn’t. So I used my tubes of decorating icing and piped on the hair strands in black, and the whites of the eyes. I used more of the buttercream for her irises, and then black gel for the pupils, nose and mouth.
Take note here – don’t draw the mouth on while looking at the cake sideways – it will not be where you intended it.
While I finished off the cake, Mark put together a treasure hunt – burned map included. 
Unfortunately we overbooked ourselves for the day, so Mark had to help remove a tub, and I forgot the camera while on our treasure hunt. What did they find though?  Little gold bags full of pixie dust of course.
That sneaky Hook always trying to make off with the pixie dust.
The bags were very easy to make. I used some gold fabric my sister in law had given me, and cut it into rectangles. Then I folded them in half and sewed up the sides, turned down the top and sewed it with a ribbon inside. The tricky part is making sure you don’t snag the ribbon or they won’t close.  Add some silver and white glitter for the pixie dust. The kids had so much fun pinching a little dust out and throwing it over themselves and each other.  It’s a wonder our house didn’t float away in it.
Of course we finally had cake and ice cream, and then the real treasure of presents.

4 thoughts on “Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s Birthday Party

  1. I love seeing a birthday that is about the "thought" and sharing time instead of let's go to a place and have a packaged birthday party.
    By the way Princess C is just a sparkling little thing… Happy Birthday.

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