Juppy Momentum: The New Baby Walker {2012 Holiday Gift guide}

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Unlike traditional baby walkers The Juppy is a parent assisted baby walker which eliminates all of the dangers of walkers with wheels. The unique design eliminates the problems associated with similar products for example other parent assisted walkers do not have the crotch piece which is essential in keeping your baby from involuntarily lifting its arms. No more falling down stairs or reaching for dangerous objects because The Juppy requires your assistance at all times- The Juppy is easily transportable- It fits in your purse- It’s easy for grandparents to use- No assembly required- Suitable for boys and girls- One size fits all (baby weight not to exceed 35lbs). Made from 100% cotton that is machine washable.

 After experiencing NurseMaid’s elbow in two of my children as we attempted to help them walk, I was thrilled to see something safe and easy to use for walking assistance. You can read my full review HERE.
Last month Juppy introduced the new Juppy Momentum.  Here is what they have to say about it:

 We were already the best, now we are even better. The Juppy Baby Walker is designed with safety and comfort in mind; safety and comfort for both you and your child. The Juppy builds confidence in your baby and teaches balance while allowing you to maintain your natural posture. You will never have to bend your lower back while teaching your baby to walk. The Juppy has easily adjustable straps that accommodate your height whether you are 4’11” or 6’11”. The Juppy comes standard with soft hand grips that are strategically placed to provide optimum benefit for your hands; a color matched state of the art zipper is located at the rear of The Juppy for the purpose of safety, easy access and exit. You will find two Velcro straps that overlap the back zipper which again shows our commitment to providing you the safest and most practical baby walker on the market. 


You may be asking yourself  “Why would this be a good gift to give?”

When my babies are first beginning to move around, I find expensive toys are just that – expensive. As a mom we get a lot of toys given to us that never get played with, or tossed to the side after a few days, or even broken.  At such a young age, something like the Juppy is a perfect gift to give the baby learning to walk. Mom will love getting something useful and safe to enjoy with the baby, and from my own experience, baby will enjoy it too.

I’m giving away a Juppy Momentum in your choice of color with a name embroidered on my 2012 Holiday Giveaway. Check it out to see all the other prizes you could win!

3 thoughts on “Juppy Momentum: The New Baby Walker {2012 Holiday Gift guide}

  1. I can feel parents across the country sighing in relief because how bad does your lower back ache after crouching down to help your toddler walk in those early days!? I wish I had this six months ago! Will definitely recommend to my mama friends with pre-walkers! Thanks!

  2. My back hurts just thinking about bending over to help another child learn to walk. LOL! I love that people are inventing things that make life easier for parents!

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